12 years of experience

5500000+ cards

109 customers from

USA · Europe · CIS

We operate in 4 languages

12 years of experience

5500000+ cards

109 customers from

USA · Europe · CIS

We operate in 4 languages

12 years of experience

5500000 cards

109 customers from

4 languages

USA · Europe · CIS


Content services group

  • Product and product group information model developing
  • Detailed description
  • Product specifications
  • Warranty information
  • Manufacturer's manual
  • Tags for each product
  • Binding of main product to the accessories
  • Video review (from official sources)
  • Reviews and review scores of the product
  • Filtering for the product
  • Creating connections between your vendor codes and your supplier's codes
  • Developing site map and info-models for product groups

Copywriting services group

  • Creating reviews
  • Re-writing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales pitches
  • Articles, advertising copies
  • Translation into various languages

SEO services group

  • Creating unique texts with over 90% originality level
  • Implementing SEO queries into your product description in order to boost your store performance
  • SEO-texts
  • SEO promotion strategy
  • Context ads
  • SMM - promotion

Photo and video services group

  • High quality photos of your products in your web-store
  • Variety of pictures for each product
  • Pictures of your product from different angles
  • Pictures of required definition and dimensions
  • Positioning your product on a required background
  • Retouching, color correction, and Photoshop processing
  • Subject photography of your products
  • 3D photo creation
  • Video reviews
  • Mini video reviews

Design-services group

  • Web design
  • Creating logo and brand style
  • Creating trademarks
  • Developing brand-books

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Benefits of working with Content Studio Nano:

Experience in integrating and working with CMS

We have experience in working with over 20 popular CMS

Large volumes

We can process large data volume in any product group

Options of data representation

Export from our MySQL database; Excel-friendly format for your CMS; Directly in your database; Using API protocols

Internal control

Each product is checked on several levels by our managers and editors


We work 24/7 for urgent orders


We are experienced in working with most of the modern CMS:

1С · Bitrix · Joomla · PrestaShop · Prado · Shopify · WordPress · MaxyStore · ImageCMS · E-Trade Shop · UltimaCMS · PHP SHop · Drupal · OpenCart · Magento ·

1С · Bitrix · Joomla · PrestaShop · Prado · Shopify · WordPress · MaxyStore · ImageCMS · E-Trade Shop · UltimaCMS · PHP SHop · Drupal · OpenCart · Magento ·

Benefits of working with Content studio Nano for internet-store owners

Benefits of CS Nano in comparison to:

Full time staff

Content studio Nano

You are only paying for the services provided and you order them at any time convenient for you.

Paying for our services you are not suffering any additional expenses.

You don't need to manage a whole division - you only communicate with your personal manager in CS Nano, and he assists you with everything that may occur

We are always working for you. Even 24/7 if needed!

Full time staff

Part load of staff leads to inefficient workforce cost.

Additional expenses for social security and taxes.

Expenses for managing your content department.

Sick leaves and vacations of your full time staff.


Content studio Nano

We have a system of double internal control that relieves you of the necessity to fully check the work and performance results.

This job is our profession. Our high quality results are secured by years of experience in lots of different product groups.


Necessity of additional control in your company.

Everchanging executors that only need additional income and don't have thorough knowledge of your field.


Content studio Nano

We create all the structure according to your requirements, considering each intricate detail of your field and all of your wishes.

We provide with a complex service that includes all kinds of work with texts: composing, rewriting, translating, reviews, etc.


TThere is no way to retrieve data structure that is specifically needed for your website, hence the necessity of manual correction and changes in products' specifications.

Low originality leads to the necessary rewriting, hence even more inefficient cost.


I want to forward my website content making to Content studio Nano!

Our clients:



I am a demanding person. I have zero tolerance for slacking and don't like to write long reviews. Everything is simple - we were overwhelmed with content problems, and we needed to solve them fast. I turned to CS Nano. I got exactly what I needed - content for my website, quickly and well-done. The cards were extended and completed by their specialists. The price was comfortable. I worked with them on several occasions and we continue to keep in touch.

Volodymyr Krynychnyi, website administrator


People who systematically sell online are familiar with cataloging problems in online store. Everchanging product lines are constantly updated, the descriptions need to be of high quality and with low plagiarism level and so on and so forth. For any content department it is difficult to deal with all those issues and keep the quality in check. And the bigger the store, the more difficult the task.

We were fortunate to get to know the guys from CS Nano. Creating content regularly is not a problem for us anymore! Working with Content studio Nano, we got trustworthy partners that can work 24/7 for us when needed. Sometimes we sent them immense volumes of urgent orders, both in cards creating and in sales pitch making, and they did their share in time!

Nataliia Golovina, website administrator


Before we started working with CS Nano, we constantly had problems with content due to freelancers' performance. Every new freelancer had to be explained on how to work with the database and products. Some of them were working fine, and some of them had low quality and we had to ask the better working guy to re-do everything but he would already be busy with a different project. So we'd have to look for a new freelancer and so on and so on.

We were fed up with it and it made negative impact on our sales. We thought about hiring our own staff, but the cost was too high - social security, computers, additional offices, etc. As a result, we asked professinals with many years of experience to do this for us. We asked CS Nano.

By telling them once what we need, we get a constant service that we can turn to any time with any volume. Large amount of products and extensive descriptions were not a problem for CS Nano employees. We are happy to cooperate with them and we highly recommend CS Nano to others!

Anna Mashchenko, website administrator


With our sales skyrocketing and new product groups emerging in our catalogue, our content managers were no longer able to cope with the workload. We needed high quality content for our website and we needed it fast. Besides that, we needed unique sales pitches for SEO promotion.

We started looking for qualified help. There were a lot of rewriters and copywriters on the Web, but trustworthy experienced companies that could deal with constant content creating for our Web store, with our volumes - there were close to none. There are individuals, that pretend to be companies, but when they recieve an order of 5-10k SKUs, they turn it dow because they simply can't manage this kind of workload.

We decided to give Content studio Nano a shot. We immediately understood that they have been doing this for many years already. As a result, they did what couldn't be done by small contractors before them, they completed a huge amount of product cards with no loss of quality, to our surprise and pleasure. They are well experienced in different products. One thing I can tell for sure - if you need good content, turn to CS Nano!

Aleksandr, Content manager


Content of your internet store is its face. That's what your clients see when they open up your webpage. First impression dictates all of buyer's further actions, including whether he will make a purchase. That's why we understand there are no small things here, everything has to be top-notch, the pictures, the description and specifications, sales pitch, integrated CEO-queries.

When we decided to restructurize our web-store, we made a decision to hire Content studio Nano - a company that has worked in this market for many years. Guys are working quickly and in sync, taking all of our needs into account. We really appreciate that we can concentrate on sales and forget about content problems!

Oleksandr Korobov, owner